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It's All About Bamboo..!!

Celebrating the art of Bamboo..!!
Amazing Traditional Indian Handicrafts You will Love.

Living the reality of  NYOM's vision:  "Not Your Ordinary Marketplace"  through our handcrafted and eco-friendly Bamboo products.

  • Eco-friendly

  • Made In India

  • Innovative

  • Hand-made

NYOM - A 'Not Your Ordinary Marketplace' is a concept that helps the artisans all over India to showcase their art to the world. 
It's not just about being a marketplace of random products but promoting Thoughtful, Eco-friendly and Made in India products.

Nyom Bamboo Collection

Non-Bamboo Collection

It's All About Bamboo...!

Celebrating Bamboo.png

Celebrating the art of Bamboo!!
We live the reality of NYOM's vision
"Not Your Ordinary Marketplace"

through our handcrafted and eco-friendly Bamboo products.
Amazing Traditional Indian Handicrafts You will Love.

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