301, Octave complex, Baner Road, Baner, Pune 411045 pune IN
301, Octave complex, Baner Road, Baner, Pune pune, IN

Seller Terms & Conditions


This Memorandum of Understanding (‘MOU’) is entered into between Omnibridge Solutions Private Limited (‘the Developer’ of ‘NYOM’ ecommerce marketplace’) the Merchant on registration date at Pune. Account effective date of accepatance and end date will be 31st March 2022 or if it is other than said date, then it will be intimated through a separate email correspondence by the developer, the date of the email will be considered as the effective start date of the Registration. 

WHEREAS the Developer is a Private Limited Company engaged in the business of development of software solutions application and providing an ecommerce platform for product sellers/ manufactures/ creators/ builders/ traders/ merchants.

AND WHEREAS NYOM is an ecommerce platform wing of the Developer specially devised for product sellers/ manufactures/ creators/ builders/ traders/ merchants to enable them to sell/market/showcase/promote/launch their products-artifacts-paintings etc., receiving payments, track delivery of its products, notify its new products and promote its offers and the Merchant is in need of Developer’s said services under Nyom. The Developer has agreed to give it said services under NYOM to the Merchant for a consideration commercial agreed term herein.

NOW THEREFORE the Merchant and the Developer agree as under.

1. The Developer agrees to provide access to the merchant a web, Mobile ecommerce platform, Web Admin panel for the purposes of enabling the merchant to sell its products/services; promote brand/s, receiving its payments from its customers, track delivery of its products, notify its new products and promote its offers in an effective way.

2. The Merchant agrees that the Developer is not liable to give to the Client the source code, IP, designs (App UI) of the said NYOM platform. 

3. The developer agrees to credit payment to the merchant for the product/s/services purchased within 15 working days of the product received and accepted by the end buyer/purchaser. 

4. The payment will be credited to the merchant bank account via NEFT/ wire transfer mentioned during the registration.   

5. Return policy – NYOM offer facility to return the products to customers on basis of following terms

  1. It should have valid reason 
  2. Materials used/tampered/damaged is not liable to return
  3. Customer can request refund of amount or buy another product from seller
  4. Customers are allowed to return the material/products in 7 working days. However, this time limit is liable to vary depending upon the type of material. 
  5. Products mentioned non-returnable will not be taken back under any circumstance

6. The Merchant and developer agrees to the following working models, terms and conditions – 

  1. The Developer will charge a subscription/listing fee of INR 10/- per year per product, taxes as applicable (this will get effective after 6 months of signing of this MoU)
  2. The Developer will be allowed merchandising/promotion/launch of products-items through NYOM
  3. The Developer is allowed to vary the price structure of the product/service with/without consultation 
  4. The Developer are allowed to give opportunities to same type of/multiple sellers to deliver best/unique products to the customer
  5. If the merchant changes any attributes of the product in terms of material, dimensions, colour, cost and other should be informed to the developer through official email and update on seller dashboard/ portal with immediate effect.  

7. This MOU shall be construed to be the master-agreement between the parties and if the Merchant seeks to obtain additional services from the Developer then the Developer and the Merchant will have to execute an Agreement separately by way of addendum to this MOU.

8. The Merchant agrees that failure to adhere to the quality/ quantity and delivery commitments it may lead to penalties/ termination as applicable. The Developer shall remove the said products/ Merchant from all online platforms web and mobile forthwith.

9. The official modes of communication under this MOU shall be the Registered Post, Courier services and the electronic mail. The Address of the Merchant for the purposes of communication is as mentioned in the registration form. The official email id of the Merchant for the purposes of communication is as mentioned in the registration form. The Address of the Developer for the purposes of communication is 301, Octave Complex Baner Road Baner-411045. The official email id of the Developer, for the purposes of communication is 

10. The laws of India shall be applicable to this MOU. The parties to this MOU shall endeavour to settle any disputes arising out of this MOU by way of good offices and the costs and compensation if so liable to be paid by Developer to be Merchant under any mode of settlement shall not exceed Rs. 999. The District and Sessions Court, Pune (Civil Side) shall have the jurisdiction to try disputes arising out of this MOU.

11. This MoU will be effective for a period of 1 year from signing. 

12. This MoU is liable to change without any prior notice if any changes in Government policies regarding ecommerce business are implemented 

13. The merchant is fully responsible of mentioning all the proper product information like – quantity, Quality and other statutory warnings and compliances as needed by the central/ state Government authorities.  

14. This MOU is agreed and accepted by the authorised personal/representative of the merchant.