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Government perks for the Bamboo Producers

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

So, guys, we have seen a case study of how growing bamboo benefits the farmer in India. It sure is a golden egg-laying hen for them. Having bamboo in your farms is not difficult either. The government of India has made sure that the farmer who is willing to cultivate bamboo and help the economy of the country, gets special perks from the government itself.

National Bamboo Mission

The national bamboo mission was established to increase the bamboo cultivation all over India.

  • It contributes to the availability of raw material requirement of the bamboo industry.

  • It also helps in having several bamboo processing units near the source of bamboo production which improves post-harvest management of the Bamboo

  • It works on the micro, small and medium levels of the bamboo industry and promote product development according to the market demand, by giving assistance in R&D too.

  • Rejuvenating under developed bamboo industry in India is one of its major tasks.

  • The dependency of importing bamboo has to be minimized by improving productivity so NBM promotes skill development, creates awareness, and increases the capacity of development by producing the market demand. Which eventually enhances the income of the primary producers of Bamboo.

As we know that, Bamboo has significant opportunities to harness the market potential. We need to ensure the establishment of a proper value chain ecosystem for bamboo. The key elements of this mission are:

  • R&D

  • Production of planting material

  • Innovative inventions

  • Plantation infrastructure development

  • Post-harvest storage and treatment facilities

And last but not the least

  • marketing infrastructure

They also have a funding pattern for the farmers or primary producers of bamboo which varies from 60:40 to even 100% depending upon the area. So there is a capital investment subsidy scheme for Bamboo Industry. Which gives subsidy amounts in advance, interest-free subsidies, etc.

This sounds really interesting, isn’t it? So, if you are a farmer, you should definitely think about growing this gold on your farms...!

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1 Comment

Pritam Hasabnis
Pritam Hasabnis
Apr 05, 2022

Agree, Bamboo has tremendous growth prospect. It has immense potential to transform the handicraft industry all together & the lives of artisan's. Support from Govt. of India will be big boost too...

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