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Exclusive Bamboo Fair By Nyom

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

An exhibition is the display of unique crafts by artisans.

We usually visit the exhibition for buying some quirky or distinctive art pieces either for ourselves or for gifting.

If you love exhibitions and shopping then you must visit an exciting carnival organized by NYOM. Nyom has changed the definition of the exhibition by its unique idea of displaying an eco-friendly yet sensational product range altogether.

So, what’s so special about this Nyom event?

It’s never a usual exhibition with sarees or bedsheets or plastic stuff for Nyom. It is a Collection of “never seen before” Bamboo goodies.

A person who ever visited Nyom event, could not resist clicking the pics of the carnival-like backdrops with an exclusive collection of products.

The pictures usually flood Instagram and Facebook because the Nyom exhibition always gives a vibe of youthfulness to the visitor.

The colours and the lights attract the visitors automatically and the product range stuns each and every one of them. Tables display amazing bamboo Jewellery with intricate designs that no one can resist buying.

Amazing new variety of products like Bamboo Mobile amplifiers, trays, pen holders,

Bamboo lamps, wall hangings, wind chimes, planters and fountains are some of the other fascinating items which are the hot selling items bought for home décor and gifting.

Then there is a Rain Stick..!! The star of NYOM. It engrosses the audience and the visitors who are not even willing to buy anything end up buying it and some other utility products as well.

It is usually all about Bamboo at Nyom but there is some other eco-friendly stuff too. Like jute bags, leather lamps, handmade metal Jewellery and aromatic goodies for the home.

And to your surprise this exhibition gets visits of a few famous personalities.

Artist Chandrashekhar Sane, Lieutenant General (Dr) Madhuri Kanitkar, Ratris Khel Chale fame actress Kritikaa Tulaskar and many Instagram sensations to name a few who loved the exhibition and spread a word of recommendations too.

Such and more celebrity visits are indications that the exhibition is earning its name and glory.

Any place where Nyom participates or organizes events to display their collection is worth visiting and it gives everyone a wow feeling for sure. And a lot of Insta-reel material too.

You just can’t wait for another Nyom carnival once you experience it and you come out as a happy and forever customer of Nyom.

Be updated with our upcoming events through our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Also, do not forget to visit our website, through which you can keep on buying utility items whenever you want which are not displayed in the exhibition anytime and from anywhere in India..!!

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1 comentário

Pritam Hasabnis
Pritam Hasabnis
02 de mai. de 2022

Simply brilliant!!!

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