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Bamboo Rain Maker – A wonderful musical treat

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

On a wonderful evening when it starts raining, and the soil smells like a heavenly scent, a maestro will find a melody in the pitter-patter of the raindrops. This rain sound is such a soothing therapy to calm down your mind when it’s all chaos inside. The Yogi’s and the mind trainers too use this raindrop sound to get their meditation right.

Such kinds of sounds are called pink noise. Pink noise can mask unwanted noises in your environment. It emphasizes lower pitches than white noise and helps you to focus. Its useful when you need soothing music while sleeping. So with such amazing benefits why not try an instrument producing this sound?

Have you ever heard of a Rainstick?? Mostly the guys with musical backgrounds are acquainted with this phenomenon.

How is that Rain Sound created?

The rain maker is made with the bamboos of different sizes and shapes. The secret behind that amazing sound is the filling of the rain stick. Small beads, grains or stones are used inside the stick which creates a raindrop effect. But is that all?? No..!! of course. The beads fall from one side to other and their path is not so smooth.

For making those beads fall one by one and slowly making the raindrop effect, there are small sticks of bamboo inserted inside. The grains or beads flow has obstacles and it falls down through it. Which gives us that amazing feel of rain anytime we move the stick. Here is the sound you can enjoy:

Where to buy the Rainstick?

#Rainstick is not available everywhere. Find authentic rain sticks only at

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1 Comment

Pradeep Satpute
Pradeep Satpute
Mar 29, 2022

Pink Sound, this is something new and "sounds" good. Calm, relax and bring down pulse rate with Rainstick

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