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A Bamboo Grower’s Story

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Nature gives solutions to all our problems...!! Agree?

If you think through the farmer’s point of view then your answer will be YES..

Usually in India, we face extreme changes in weather. We see farmers in debt and dying due to crop failure. But the Bamboo Grower will never face this situation…!!

A case study of a farmer in Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Vijay Patidar

through government, files say that he has made Bamboo, an identity of his village.

He tried to find out most viable alternatives to the traditional farming or crops which will keep on giving some benefits when the weather is not in the farmer’s favour and nature gave him the solution in the form of bamboo cultivation. The surprising fact is he has earned 40 lacs just by cultivating mere 4000 bamboos on his farms.

Savvy? Let's see what qualities of Bamboo benefited him..!

1. He got a subsidy of 120 per plant from the state government. He got a subsidy of 120rs per plant from the state government. It’s a huge boost for the farmers to look forward to starting with unconventional farming and doing some experiments.

2. Bamboo is less prone to weather changes.

3. Bamboo is free from pest infections and diseases so no extra expenses of chemicals and fertilizers

4. Big traders worldwide are contacting him for buying the lots of bamboo so no worries of bamboo having small market value

5. He has experimented with intercropping which gives his other crops protection from heat and reduced water consumption resulting in higher rates of other crops growing very well, giving him more profits.

6. Bamboo dry leaves are converted into manure by easily composting. This manure gives more carbon dioxide to the crops.

This story is certainly inspiring, isn’t it ?

Bamboo benefits to the grower and the mother earth too..!!

There are certain policies by the Indian Govt that help the farmers to double their profits by growing bamboo and selling its products too. There are amazing eco-friendly options of day-to-day life products available in the market which we can definitely think about.

There are several outlets and online stores to buy those unique products made from bamboo. You can also visit for an exclusive bamboo collection. Let's empower farmers, bamboo artisans and have a tiny winy share in saving mother earth too..!!!

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1 Comment

Pritam Hasabnis
Pritam Hasabnis
Mar 29, 2022

Never thought Bamboo has so many fantastic characteristics & it can be further used to make wonderful bamboo products.

Enjoyed reading your blog 😄

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