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4 Valuable lessons YOU can learn from a “Bamboo”

If I were a Plant, I’d be a Bamboo.

Here's Why, Bamboo is probably the most versatile, fast growing, flame resistant, strong yet flexible plant...and what’s more, it’s even termed LUCKY in most cultures. Now, who wouldn’t like to be called all of the above adjectives, right!


Infact, on a more serious note, Bamboo can teach us humans a lesson on growth and giving. Here's what YOU can learn from the very humble Bamboo:

1. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world

It has a root system called rhizomes which are quite close to the surface of the soil.

They clump together in a formidable matrix to help avoid soil erosion.

This growth under the soil is the most important feature and so strong, that within 60 days the bamboo plant shoots up to its optimum height.

Lessons to take:
Keep working towards your goal, put in a silent effort and charge along till you shoot through the roof with results. Now that’s the kind of success people term as 'Lucky' but in truth they didn’t see it coming because you were lying low, making your base strong.

2. Regeneration Powers

The more you cut a bamboo, the more it grows.

However, as a farmer and he will tell you, this is not visible to the naked eye.

When you cut a bamboo, what happens on the inside is the bamboo grows new leaves. These leaves send a complex chemical down to the roots that encourage the growth of new shoots.

So, you see, it literally is a renewable resource especially when harvested.

Lessons to take:
People will cut your progress, shut you down, but if you think like a bamboo, you will regenerate, reassess and revive your skills to get on top of your game. Just like a bamboo doesn’t use its harvested energy to grow, use the setbacks you face to come out all strong and new like never before.

3. Filtering and Flame Proof abilities

Bamboo filters organic matter from water passing through it and removes impurities and is Flame resistant.

Lessons to take:
No matter what your fed with, learn to filter out the negativity and be virtually flare resistant, no matter who is gas lighting you. In the end, choose where your energy goes.

4. Bamboo is strong, flexible & a True socio-economic reformer

Bamboo is an affordable crop that grows fast and easy, providing and contributing to 60% of the annual income to some of the poorest communities in tropical and subtropical regions.

Helping women across underdeveloped countries and providing a lucrative source of income to them, Bamboo is rightly known as "Green Gold”.

It is malleable when used in constructions, furniture, paper or any handicrafts.

Lessons to take:
Be Strong, Flexible and make yourself useful. Enough said, right?

If a Bamboo, as a grass species, can have these qualities and outgrow other trees, imagine what will happen if You adopt these lessons for your personal growth.

Think about it!

Grow, contribute and support the Bamboo movement in your country just like we at NYOM are committed to.

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1 Comment

Apr 06, 2023

Bamboo is one of the best plant. As on toady humankind know 1000+ usages of Bamboo and it's products. More knowledge will bring more awareness about Bamboo.

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